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Hiking Cerra Cocha

A great hike up the Volcano of Cerro Chato in La Fortuna, Costa Rica. The view of the lagoon was unfortunately less than spectacular due to the dense clouds. The hike was still well worth it. Here’s a glimpse:


Giant Tortoises, Frigate Birds & more

I had a great honour here to be able to work hands on with the giant tortoises endemic to San Cristobal. Our group fed these giant beasts, and as a result, some pretty good photo opportunities arose. They eat giant leaves to feed their giant reptilian bellies. The sight of this is quite amusing. As they are usually timid creatures (they hide away in their shell when you come near), they all rush like a herd of cattle toward you when they see the food being brought to them. Like any animal, they only love you when you’re feeding them. The next set of photos are from a hike we did from the Highlands where our camp is, down to the coast. The small lagoon is freshwater and it is divided from the sea only by that strip of rocks. The Frigate Birds you see are truly massive. The developed males are jet black with a small flap of red skin under the neck. They used the freshwater lagoon for bathing, and perhaps drinking. When they were finished, they flew right over our heads to get out to the ocean for hunting.  A very cool spectacle to behold.