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San Cristobal Finale

On one of my last days in Santa Cruz, I visited a beach (not hard to find) full of the marine iguanas (also not hard to find) native to the Galapagos Islands. These iguanas are special because they are the only known iguanas to live on land yet feed  entirely from the sea.  The iguanas use their thick tails to propel them through the water and have flexible arms with long, soft claws for streamlining. The marine iguana ingests a lot of salt water as a result of this feeding and gets rid of it through constantly ‘sneezing’ while basking on land. A sneeze causes salt to spray from an iguana’s nose and mouth, often showering a clan mate or two. The favour is quickly returned, of course. My gallery here shows these unique reptiles, as well as a beautiful sunset – a rarity in the usual grey evening sky over the Galapagos.


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