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Quito, Ecuador – Day 2 (part I)

Day 2,

Went for it today. Got up at 6:30 to catch a bus and head to Otavalu – two and half hours north of Quito. Along the way, we stopped for eggs and coffee, paired with local specialty biscuits and cheese (the best in Ecuador – apparently). We then stopped in Otavalu where we went to a animal market where indigenous people come together to swap all types of animals from pigs to cows to dogs, as well as fruits and vegetables. A crazy place where I saw sacks of chickens traded for a pig, outdoor kitchens feeding the locals lunch, children helping their parents, and cockfights (yep). From there, we went down the road to the craft market, the largest craft market in the world. All the crafts are made by indigenous peoples and the market stretches for an estimated 10-15 city blocks deep and about 4-6 city blocks wide. Huge. There was a lot to see. After the market, we went to a nature sanctuary to take in a quick hike before getting back in the car. It is a lake formed by a now inactive volcano. After this, I passed out in the car ride home and later went out to sing karaoke with some friends from the program. Life’s good. Enjoy the pictures.


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