Documentations of life's inspiration.

Quito, Ecuador – Day 1

First day in Quito. I spent some time walking around the city, both with a guide and by myself, being informed of hot spots and warned of lurking danger. So far, I’ve enjoyed the city and haven’t had any of these scary run ins all our guides are telling us about. The people are nice, and patient in listening as I stumble through a hybrid English-Espanol dialect. My home stay family are a bunch of real gems –  a single mom with two kids, one boy and one girl. The house is large, my bed is small, and there’s no hot water (best get used to it). The first day, I hung around the Spanish school, talking with all the young people and meeting a couple new friends. We ate Guinea Pig, a delicacy here in Quito. I didn’t enjoy it but I scarfed it down anyways to avoid wasting such a precious item. Below is a gallery of my first day, a few city sights and some people. It’s pouring rain outside, so I will be doing a lot of blogging for the next while until it clears up. More to come soon..


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